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Is choosing the right shirt a complex process for you? Gentlemen or even ladies, read this carefully in order to save time and several fitting sessions! Here are the top tips for choosing

  1. Think about the usefulness of the shirt
  2. The first question to ask yourself before conducting your research is: for what occasion will this shirt be worn? A chic event, for work or simply for an outing with friends? Depending on your answer, head to the correct department or category. Men’s shops usually classify their shirts in 2 main categories: dress shirts and casual or sport shirts.

  3. Favor natural materials
  4. For a comfortable and durable shirt, whatever the occasion, you absolutely must favor natural materials. Cotton, linen or silk will be good allies. Stretch or synthetic fabrics are avoided which are, in the long run, less durable and less comfortable.

  5. Opt for a neutral or trendy color
  6. Now, what color of shirt to choose for Mens shirts online? For a shirt that pairs well, it’s important to prioritize a neutral color like gray, black or blue. The trend is also in the color burgundy!

  7. Measure the collar and choose the Mens shirts online
  8. The first question to ask yourself before measuring the collar is: will the shirt be worn with or without a tie? Some brands offer collar sizes depending on the measurements

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How to Find the Best Cargo Pants

Are you a soldier who prefers the traditional Muck Cloth Cargo Pants? Do you like the comfort of the cargo pants with good back support? Do you like them loose so you can get your gear in and out of the vehicle easily, but still have enough room to keep your things? If you answer yes to any of these questions then you should definitely consider making the switch from your standard issue cargo pants to the new cargo pants for military and civilian use.

Did you know that there are several different types of cargo pants available for both men and women? The standard cargo pants for both sexes come with two front pockets on each side. They may be unisex, but they still serve the same purpose. Some cargo pants are made with extra pockets in the rear for added storage, and others are made specifically for women. This makes it easier for women to access their gear without removing the cargo pants altogether. These cargo pants are typically unisex (although some are made for men).

How to Find the Best Cargo Pants.The traditional cargo pants are made from heavy-duty cotton and have reinforced knees and waist for extra protection during long hours of work. Today’s cargo pants are made with many different types of fabrics, including nylon and other synthetic materials, and many have very nice decorative embroidery. Some cargo pants are made with the latest microfiber technology that is highly durable and easy to maintain. These cargo pants may not be camouflage. The designs and colors of modern cargo pants vary quite a bit from the traditional camo prints.

Many people think that the same prints are only for the military. Actually, there are plenty of places where cargo pants meet the casual work environment. For example, business casual is very popular in the restaurant industry today. Restaurant owners want their restaurant to look good, but they don’t want their customers to have to worry about their clothes. They can buy cargo pants with cargo pockets on the sides so that their customers can keep their drinks, gloves, napkins, and more in their pockets, which will keep them stylish and handy at the same time.

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Cutest Hat-Friendly Hairstyles for all

Hats and hair have historically had a complicated relationship. After all, the term “hat hair” literally refers to hair that has become rumpled and unruly because someone was wearing a hat.

But wearing a hat doesn’t have to be synonymous with a bad hair day. With some planning and the right coiffure, you can create a look that’s stunning and stylish. Here are some of the cutest hat-friendly hairstyles for women to get you started.

Straight and Sleek

As far as simple hairstyles go, it doesn’t get easier than letting your hair hang loose. And, sometimes, simple is the definition of stylishness. Wearing your hair down is a style that works with a wide variety of hats, especially baseball caps, berets, newsboy hats, and bucket hats.

If you’re worried about getting that annoying hat-hair dent around your head, there are plenty of ways to avoid it. First, don’t put on your hat while your hair is still wet. Also, you should ensure you aren’t wearing a hat that is too small for your head. If you can fit your index finger between your head and the brim, you should be okay.

Buns and Ponytails

The bun or ponytail is great for a quick hat hairstyle, especially when you have full, high-volume hair. But just because a hairstyle is easy, that doesn’t mean it has to look lazy. Try one of these looks if you want to dress up your bun or ponytail:

Run your ponytail or bun through the hole in the back of your hat when you wear a baseball cap.

Use several ponytail holders to create a “bubble” ponytail.

Add an accent braid to your ponytail.

Make two buns instead of one.

Add a ribbon to your ponytail

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At Only, we have always been perplexed at some people who refer to leggings as not being pants. Can we ask the questions; are boots shoes? Is a skirt a dress? Is a beanie a hat? The very statement “Leggings are not pants” is like saying sneakers are not shoes. There are hundreds or different styles of leggings and many of these styles take the form of, what many would traditionally define as, pants.

To truly answer the question, “Are leggings pants?”, we first have to accurately define the word “pant”. Merriam-Webster defines the word pants as:

“An outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle – usually used in plural”

The Urban Dictionary defines “Pants” as:

“A bifurcated outer garment covering the body and each leg from waist to ankle. Until the late 20th century traditionally a male garment.”

So lets take these two definitions and determine if leggings are or are not, pants. From Merriam-Websters definition we would have to deduce that leggings are indeed pants. Leggings cover each leg separately and they cover from waist to ankle. These are the two conditions that Merriam-Webster use to define the word “pants”.

If we look at the Urban Dictionary’s definition, we see virtually the exact same definition. Leggings are an outer garment that cover each leg from waist to ankle. Based on their definition, leggings are indeed pants.

So we have determine that based on the literal definitions of the word “pants”, leggings are indeed pants. If this is a matter of fact then someone who determines that leggings are NOT pants must be basing this determination based on some sort of emotional or personally based bias. The fact is, some people are conservative in their wardrobe choices and some people are very liberal in their wardrobe choices. People who are in the more traditional and conservative idiom of society are the ones who are most probably going to argue that leggings are not pants and liberals to their contrary. It becomes opinion at this point and arguing opinion is like arguing which color is better, blue or green. You will never come to an answer as arguing opinion never has an outcome that has a measurable winner, it is opinion therefore both people will always be right.

Another point we like to make at as to whether leggings are pants is to examine the entire range of women’s fashion and make some comparisons. It could be argued that a pair of shorts is significantly more revealing than a pair basic black leggings for example as is a short mini skirt as are most bodycon dresses. Bodycon dresses cut above the knee contour he body and expose a significant amount of skin. Are bodycon dresses really dresses? Are people offended when a woman walks by in a pair of shorts? or a mini skirt? A tight pair of jeans?

The very statement “Leggings are not pants” strikes us as being as ridiculous as making any other comparison between one style of women’s fashion to another. Since we have determine that by definition, leggings are pants, it then becomes an argument based on opinion and since you cannot argue opinion, we suggest that those who think leggings are not pants just get over it and move on!