The goal/mission of Bell Product Company is to help/assist Proud American Patriots, Military members, families and Veterans display and honor their love for this Great Country.

Our Very Popular and Historic phrases, along with our great selection of scents/fragrances and unique cross design helps you achieve this/that goal. Our product adds the most pleasant aromas to your Car or Home.

kid holding usa flag

Here at BELL PRODUCT COMPANY, we firmly believe that our allegiance should be exclusively defined by what we call GFC. GFC, literally stands for GOD, Family and Country, in that order. Our faith in GOD Almighty precipitates our naturally inherent love for family and others, which so easily, culminates into a love for Country and heritage.

So, it is with that premise, that we have chosen to incorporate two of the most powerful iconic symbols known to mankind.

By combining the symbolism of the HOLY CROSS and images of the Stars and Stripes, we feel that we have captured the perfect image for true Christian/Americans. Also, these Car Fresheners add a Strong, Lasting Aroma to your Car.